Sports Therapy & Sports Massage

Treatment for Musculoskeletal Complaints, common injuries include:


Treatment modalities include: Acupuncture, Grade V Spinal Manipulation, Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage, Electrotherapy, Rehabilitation, Soft Tissue Release, Stretching techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Cryotherapy, Muscle Re-education.

Appointments are available in 60/45/30 minute sessions. A 60 minute appointment will be required for new clients, which includes a full consultation for analysis. Appointments of 10 minutes are available on request for treatments of electrotherapy or taping only.

Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy, Back Pain

  • Back Pain

  • Nerve Impingement

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • "Runners Knee"

  • "Tennis Elbow"

  • Muscle/Tendon Strain

  • Ligament Sprain

  • Joint Pain

  • Postural Correction

  • & Many More

First Consultation and Injury Assessment for Sports Therapy with CJ.
CJ - Initial Consultation
1 hr
Sports Therapy - Sam
1 hr
Appointment slot for Existing Clients Only, use for new or existing injuries/areas.
CJ Standard Appointment
45 min
Small area of the body or short treatment required, for example; elbow. Use for Taping/Strapping or Electrotherapy treatments also.
CJ Short Treatment
30 min

Sports Massage

Sports Massage (or Deep Tissue Massage) is a way of treating muscles and tendons to ease tension and reduce adhesive tissue - also known as "knots", which can reduce the function of the joints and cause pain or inefficiency within the body.

Sports Massage - Sam
1 hr
Sports Massage - Charlie
1 hr
Sports Massage Treatment Only - General Treatment.
Sports Massage - CJ
1 hr
Sports Massage - Charlie
45 min

What is ANF Therapy & How does it work?

Amino Neuro-Frequency Therapy is a revolutionary holistic approach to pain and injuries. It is a combination of clinical examination technique, diagnosis, treatment with patches and manual therapy. We examine the body following the nerve paths and focus on finding the cause of the issue. We apply the patches according to the findings in order to prevent the inflammations from spreading via the nervous & lymphatic systems.

What is Amino Therapy used for?

Peter Hodgson

"The Amino Therapy patches had both instant and long lasting pain reduction benefits for my knee and will definitely try them for other injuries as and when recommended by CJ."

Simon Hull

"After a long time of sporadic back pain/tightness, I agreed to try the Amino Therapy patches. Following the guidance of CJ, I immediately felt an improvement. The tightness had subsided and the pain reduced."

Initial Assessment and Treatment. Price does not include patches as this will vary depending on how many are required. Current conversion with the Euro = £2.50 per patch.
ANF Therapy Consultation
1 hr

A few examples of how ANF Therapy can help;

  • Inflammation

  • Tendinitis

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Lymphatic Problems

  • Immune System

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ANF Therapy