Meet CJ...

I Graduated from University of Bedfordshire in July 2008 and was fortunate enough to meet my future boss while working as a Personal Trainer in David Lloyds Leisure Centre in Basildon. From here I went on to manage the clinic within Runnersworld (Chelmsford) whilst also working within Virgin Active.

2012 was a big year, I opened my first premises offering my treatments, training and small group classes; as well as welcoming my amazing Rusty into my life!

By 2014 we had out-grown our space and so we relocated to our current centre to expand our mini empire.

In my time since graduating as a Sports Therapist, I can now happily say I am able to do Acupuncture, Spinal Manipulation, Thai Massage, and most recently my Pregnancy Massage qualification.

I have done extra course in Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain; as well as Pilates, Kettlebells, Pre & Post Natal PT and Flexibility for Rehabilitation.

It has been a rollercoaster but I will never regret my decision because I have met some truly amazing people along the way. 

Here's to the next decade being as crazy as this one!